The Kambia Appeal

Our focus is on improving maternal and child health in the Kambia District by tackling a number of the causes of poor maternal health that contribute to the high rate of maternal and infant death in Sierra Leone.
These causes include:
· Poor community understanding of basic maternal health
· Limited transport access to health services in rural areas
· Financial limitation due to the poverty of rural communities
· Severe shortages of qualified health staff
· Poor health services and facilities
The Kambia Appeal works in collaboration with the key groups in the Kambia District to support and strengthen the existing health facilities owned and managed by the government of Sierra Leone. Our work is designed and planned in close co-operation with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation through the District Medical Officer and the District Health Management Team, the local government through Kambia District Council, and with the local community, represented by the Paramount Chiefs.

2012 - 2015: Our volunteer programme has recently been restructured and successfully awarded an HPS grant, funded byUK DFID and THET. The aim of the programme is to improve health outcomes and quality of healthcare delivery within Kambia District by empowering UK health volunteers through skill sharing to train and teach local healthcare workers, develop quality improvement tools, and provide clinical support. In addition to this we strive to contribute to the personal and professional development of UK health volunteers with an opportunity to volunteer in a resource poor setting and further develop their skills and abilities.
Successful volunteers will be placed at Kambia Government Hospital and will work across the following core areas:
· Teaching/training local staff
· Quality improvement activities
· Clinical support
· Community health education
· Support the wider activities of the Kambia Appeal within Kambia District

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