Sierra Leone National Heart Foundation

Sudden and unexplainable deaths have a disastrous impact on many lives all over the world, Sierra Leone being no different. With the emergence of heart diseases as one of the top 5 killers in the country, the Sierra Leone National Heart Foundation (SLNHF) will be playing a pivotal role in the prevention and control of related heart diseases.

In Sierra Leone, the current situation regarding awareness and recognition of the causes and consequences of heart disease is upsetting. Many established health institutions in the country lack the basic tools and clinical equipment necessary to effectively prevent, care and treat heart disease. SLNHF aims to address the direct need for engagement with communities and clinicians, to better develop their understanding of the risks, and more importantly the best methods to prevent the consequences from arising.

• To promote greater awareness and prevention of cardiovascular and other non-communicable disease amongst professionals and Sierra Leoneans in the country.
• To undertake health risk assessments in Sierra Leone - such as blood pressure monitoring, BMI measurements, smoking and alcohol habits, and other key health risks associated with NCD.
• Provide clinics and smaller hospitals with better equipment, such as ECG machines, BP machines, and suitable drug trolleys.
• Provide training, training materials to nurses and clinicians – developing their skills so they are more aware of how to handle non-communicable diseases, and are thus able to deliver better care.
• To support students and nurses educationally, through mentoring to deliver quality patient care.
• Launch of prevention workshops (Train the Trainer style) to better inform communities, clinicians and health professionals on the risk factors of NCD.

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